we announced Kamas Dofus Retro

Discussion started by Rskingdom 1 month ago

A couple weeks ago, we announced Kamas Dofus Retro that we were planning on opening a new"retro" server. This server will start in the end of September! A"retro server" of course means that the delight of re-living the first DOFUS experience, with everyone starting out on equal footing with an improved version 1.29. But it also means. A more retro adventure! And for us: the somewhat rigid administration and management of a game developed"the old-fashioned way", with fewer possibilities and less freedom. DOFUS 2.x was designed so that teams could intervene to fix potential problems, but DOFUS 1.x was designed as a sealed whole in that there might never be any issues. :)

Obviously, this means a difficult decisions needed to be produced. By way of instance, there will be only one new server for now. Before you begin yelling that we're shooting ourselves in the foot given the widespread excitement about this new server, you need to know one thing -- now, it is not possible for us to merge Retro DOFUS servers or move characters between Retro servers.In other words, if we start too many servers at first, then excitement wanes and they have fewer players, we won't have the ability to merge them or move players to reestablish balance: empty servers will remain empty. And the players on these servers will probably be condemned to boredom.

So, we understand the frustration this choice will cause initially, particularly since this could bring more players back which would not be a bad thing from the financial standpoint. But a gaming experience within cheap Dofus Kamas the long run is more significant than present hype. It is not possible for us to start pre-registration. Yesyes, the constraints are piling up. We all know.

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