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Young Los Angeles NBA 2K18 MT LakersEric

Young Los Angeles  NBA 2K18 MT LakersEric

Young Los Angeles  NBA 2K18 MT LakersEric Gordon Houston RocketsSlam Dunk The capital event We witnessed one of the greatest douse contests of best abide year if Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon faced off and blew our minds Gordon is aback to try to win his aboriginal douse crown but will not be contested with LaVine LaVine didnt plan on participating


 but aswell suffered a seasonending ACL tear Theres still affluence of antagonism for Gordon Heres the absolute lineupAaron Gordon Orlando MagicDeAndre Jordan LA ClippersGlenn Robinson III Indiana PacersDerrick Jones Jr Archetype SunGlenn Robinson III won the Bang Douse Contest advance Derrick Jones Jr in the final round Abide


years star Aaron Gordon didnt even acplish it out of the aboriginal roundWeve had bigger douse contests Weve had added artistic douse contests If you skip the aboriginal six dunks or so youre not missing much Still those few at the end were flamesIt looked like Jones adeptness be our champ afterwards his aboriginal two but he achromatic


as Robinson acplished with two abundant dunks in the final  Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins round It was a abashment to see Gordon abatement off but you could acquaint he didnt in actuality accept the aloft abracadabra as he did abide year Hes been ambidextrous with abate injuries this year and it makes faculty that he adeptness not be in actuality breadth he was abide year


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Jan 13 2018 at 04:00 PM - Jan 14 2018 at 04:00 PM
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