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the natural curing method

the natural curing method

At that time, the national standard had only the old standard of basalt crushing production line and the standard of sintered bricks, and the bricks made of this equipment could only be tested by these two standards.In actual inspection, from appearance to quality, they meet or surpass the standard of the lime sand brick and the standard of fired brick at that time.

According to the natural curing method similar to the cement component after the brick is formed, it is not necessary to build the kiln without burning, so the name of the "no burning brick" is spread.

As the traditional sintering brick requires a large amount of clay, some of them directly destroy the source of farmland. This not only destroys the integrity of land and resources in China, but also causes serious pollution to the air environment after burning coal in fired brick production.

The 295 document issued by the Ministry of state construction, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and the State Building Materials Bureau, issued in 1999, stipulates that the clay solid bricks are banned in one hundred and sixty cities in China.This "blew the national wall reform" Prohibition of burning red, promoting the development of new wall materials horn.

Dec 30 2019 at 12:00 AM - Dec 14 2023 at 12:00 AM
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