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How to processing Iron ore

How to processing Iron ore

In the early days, our ancestors used tin, copper and lead to produce bronzes. Iron and tin alloys have been widely used in modern national defense, modern industry, advanced science and technology and human life because of the ductility, stability of chemical properties, corrosion resistance and melting, small friction coefficient and non-toxic tin salt.

Iron ore has the characteristics of strong development, rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Iron can form various alloys with other metals and metals, and is easy to be plated on many metal surfaces. In particular, the surface of tin is corrosion-resistant and nontoxic.Iron ore distribution in the world : Iron ore process are relatively concentrated in the world, mainly in Southeast Asia, Central South America and eastern Russia, followed by eastern Africa, Western Europe and western North America. 

According to the Minerals Commodity Summaries 2011 data issued by the US Geological Survey, the global identification of reserves is about 11 million tons, mainly in China, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Malaysia ,Nigeria, Myanmar, Australia, Mongolia, Kenya and other countries.China is one of the countries with rich Iron Mineral Resources in the world. 

At present, China has found more than 520 tin deposits (including ore points and mineralized points). According to the mineral resources reserves Department of the Ministry of land and resources, the total reserves of tin in 2010 are 4 million 319 thousand tons of tin, which is the second place in the world.Iron ore type existing in nature :In the nature, thetinore areexisting in sand or alluvial raw material, this kindtin ore called sandtinor alluvialtin, the raw materialmay be with stone, sand, gravel, soil, sticky clay, some times with other magnetic iron, tungsten, ilmenite, hematite, monazite, zircon sandand other minerals. 

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