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The maintenance of portable crusher

The maintenance of portable crusher

The maintenance phenomenon of portable crusher plant in the working process is mainly to ensure the better work of the machine and the extension of the life. The maintenance is mainly for various parts and screws and bolts. It can be divided into production maintenance and preventive maintenance. This article Introducing the question of what these two types of repairs mean.

The first is preventive maintenance. From the name we can see that this is a planned maintenance in advance, and it is also said that in the event that the portable crusher plant has not failed, in order to prevent the phenomenon that the machine may appear to reduce efficiency, such The purpose of the work is to prevent the occurrence of faults and effectively improve the production efficiency of the portable crusher;

Secondly, production maintenance is to carry out some maintenance in order to improve production efficiency. When the crusher is working, different maintenance is required according to the influence of different faults, but different measures are needed, but the assistance for production is obvious. This is also an indispensable maintenance in practical applications;

The article mainly introduces the problem of portable crusher plant at work, its preventive maintenance and production maintenance, and the article has a very detailed analysis of these two aspects, the combination of the two can better guarantee Production efficiency.

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