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how to maintain the system of hammer mill

how to maintain the system of hammer mill

In the modern market, the demand for any kind of hammer mill, in addition to high efficiency and low consumption, is environmental protection. For environmental protection, it is mainly to reduce the impact on the environment and human health, especially the hammer mill machine.

Because it is processing the mill, it is more likely to generate dust. Its environmental protection mainly depends on the dust removal system, but the dust removal system also needs maintenance. So let's analyze how to maintain the system.

First of all, we must ensure that the working conditions of the dust removal system in the hammer mill are normal, that is to say, there is no filter bag clogging inside. When the filter bag is blocked, it should be cleaned up in time, so it needs to be carried out regularly.

Check, when the blockage is not serious, timely treatment, otherwise it will affect the environmental performance of the hammer mill equipment, and then the problem to be paid attention to is the water spray condition inside the mill to ensure good atomization. When it is necessary to stop, you need to first Stop spraying water and stop it after ten minutes, so as to avoid unnecessary conditions of the filter bag of the hammer mill equipment.

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