According to The fortnite traps Wall Street Journal's Event

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According to The fortnite traps Wall Street Journal

According to The fortnite traps Wall Street Journal

Regrettably, it would seem that kids do not always have the Fortnite items strategic nouse or fine-tuned reflexes of older Fortnite gamers, and some parents have become worried that their progeny haven't managed to secure that elusive Victory Royale. While my parents wouldn't have given a damn about that, it seems that some parents have taken the opposite approach, and are now paying for their children to receive Fortnite coaching.

Have a look at our list of the greatest battle royale games (paid coaching not necessarily accessible ).In much the exact same way that some children would get music courses or go to sports training, other children are now being taught how to become better at Fortnite - at a cost of around $20 per hour.

According to The fortnite traps Wall Street Journal (this article is behind a paywall, but you can read more via BleacherReport), some parents are prepared to invest significant money on helping their children improve.

One parent, Ally Hicks, compensated $50 for four hours of online coaching for her son, saying"there is pressure not to play it but to be very good at it." The trend is comparable to that of their'Fortnite Buddy', a proficient player who would be compensated to play as part of a squad in an effort to help them triumph. Yet another parent, Nick Mennen, stated that coaching had aided his son rack up multiple wins a day at the battle royale.

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