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Put a Check to White-Collar Crimes with Ashenoff and Associates

Put a Check to White-Collar Crimes with Ashenoff and Associates

White-collar crimes are financially motivated passive crimes that are committed by professionals within or outside an organization. From embezzlement and counterfeiting to bank frauds and extortions, there are many types of white-collar crimes. These days, such criminal activities have become a part and parcel of modern business organizations. Most of the time an organization has to face different internal crimes and illegal issues. This is why there is a need of a reliable and trusted agency, which people can rely upon for ensuring the safety and security of their organization and its long term goals, thereby uprooting the crime from the organization.

Ashenoff and Associates is a professional investigation and security consultant, which is dedicated to carrying out effective corporate investigations (investigaciones corporativas) for putting a check on different internal crimes within an organization. They employ highly skilled, trained and experienced investigators, who are committed to offering unmatched solutions to all investigative needs of a business or organization.

From financial to sensitive personal issues, Ashenoff and Associates takes care of all the illegal activities of an organization, thereby making sure that the issue is resolved in the most appropriate manner. You can rely upon their covert operations to eradicate any suspected espionage or drug-related issues against your company. They employ Electronic Counter Countermeasures (ECM), in which they use state-of-the-art tools to detect wiretaps, hidden transmitters and other such devices. Their ECM tests include in-depth physical inspection of a designated area, including interiors, ventilation ducts, artifacts, surfaces etc. They also conduct thorough examinations of the telephone instruments and associated lines to make sure no parallel tapping devices are present.

Moreover, Ashenoff and Associates also offer litigation support, background investigations and executive protection, pre-employment and credential screening services and many others to ensure the safety and security of their clients and their businesses. In addition to all such premium investigation services, they offer professional, dignified and personal security services to their clients. They even proffer Florida surety bonds, as they are a member of Florida Surety Agents Association.

If you too are facing any illegal or criminal activity in your organization, then you must consider consulting to Ashenoff and Associates.

For more information about their services, you can head to http://www.ashenoff.com/.

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