XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro fully laminated Pen Display Graphic Tablet Review

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The XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro supports 60 degrees tilt function, the strokes are so so smooth,natural and awesome, its literally like painting on canvas or drawing on paper maybe even better?

The screen is absolutely breathtaking, i think i never seen such a beautiful colors on display. The colors are so perfect and strong, i think they are even better than 22E Pro. So colorful and vivid. The display is fully laminated. If you turn of the display the screen is black, on most of the tablets is the screen (grey - black).Sou you can see the improvement of the screen in just first look. Color accuracy is 88% NTSC (120% sRGB). The screen comes with antiglare optical film. So its also protected.

With the tablet you will also got a Pen with 2 customizable shortcut buttons. Pressure Sensitivity is awesome 8 192 . The pen is really nice to hold.

You wil also got a stand,which is awesome, its much more comfortable. So i really recommend use it.

The tablet have 8 customizable buttons and one roller wheel! The roller is so so cool! Its great for (zoom in and zoom out) or whatever you want .
I tried find something bad about this tablet, but i cant find anything, its just too perfect. For great price you can have absolutely professional device.