Cadence Myles

Cadence Myles is a singer, songwriter, and musician. She believes that everyone has a gift; hers is music, and the only way to keep a gift is by giving it away and sharing it with someone. The music she makes is her gift to you.

Born in Colombia, South America, Cadence has Latin rhythm running through her veins. At a very early age, she was adopted and raised by Italian American parents in Connecticut who exposed her to classic rock, world music, R&B, and a handful of other genres which have heavily influenced her own musical style. In 2000, she moved to California.

Since starting on pots and pans and toy xylophones as a child, Cadence has worked her way up to being a singer/songwriter and a talented pianist, drummer and guitarist. Piano was her first real instrument, but that all changed after seeing the play “The Lion King” in New York City which inspired her to take up drums. She played in several band classes in middle school and high school, then she attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

After fifteen years of piano, drums, guitar and vocals, Cadence is now fulfilling her dreams. When she’s not working, practicing music or performing live, she teaches drum lessons in San Francisco and Oakland, mostly for kids. She believes that it’s important for children, especially young females, to have opportunities to learn about and access instruments as constructive options for self-expression. Had it not been for her after-school and in-school music programs, Cadence may not have known the beauty, power, and magic that fills her music today.

Someone once said about Cadence, “Take Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Jill Scott, 311, Prince and Usher and put them into one human ... presenting Cadence Myles!” These artists have not only greatly influenced her music, they have also inspired her to take an active role in developing and sustaining her professional music career and in using her talents to benefit others.