2015 Music Choice Recording Artists

Meet Jordan Sumner and Cadence Myles, and listen to their latest music. Their creative and personal excellence has made them winners!

Cadence Myles

Cadence Myles is a singer, songwriter, and musician. She believes that everyone has a gift; hers is music, and the only way to keep a gift is by giving it away and sharing it with someone. The music she makes is her gift to you.

Born in Colombia, South America, Cadence has Latin rhythm running through her veins. At a very early age, she was adopted and raised by Italian American parents in Connecticut who exposed her to classic rock, world music, R&B, and a handful of other genres which have heavily influenced her own musical style. In 2000, she moved to California.

Since starting on pots and pans and toy xylophones as a child, Cadence has worked her way up to being a singer/songwriter and a talented pianist, drummer and guitarist. Piano was her first real instrument, but that all changed after seeing the play “The Lion King” in New York City which inspired her to take up drums. She played in several band classes in middle school and high school, then she attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

After fifteen years of piano, drums, guitar and vocals, Cadence is now fulfilling her dreams. When she’s not working, practicing music or performing live, she teaches drum lessons in San Francisco and Oakland, mostly for kids. She believes that it’s important for children, especially young females, to have opportunities to learn about and access instruments as constructive options for self-expression. Had it not been for her after-school and in-school music programs, Cadence may not have known the beauty, power, and magic that fills her music today.

Someone once said about Cadence, “Take Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Jill Scott, 311, Prince and Usher and put them into one human ... presenting Cadence Myles!” These artists have not only greatly influenced her music, they have also inspired her to take an active role in developing and sustaining her professional music career and in using her talents to benefit others.

Breana Taylor

Breana Taylor

Born the youngest of six and raised in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Breana Taylor is an American singer, songwriter, choreographer, dancer, and actress. She was singing and dancing by the age of six, and went on to attend a variety of performing arts schools the most influential of which was the prestigious Children’s Musical Theater San Jose. Taylor also trained in Abraham Lincoln High School’s Performing Arts program. She earned her B.A. degree from California State University Long Beach, with a major in Dance and an emphasis on Communication.

Taylor’s singing and dancing reflect a rich ancestry. Her father is a Louisiana Creole with African, French, Native American and Irish lineages. Her mother is of Armenian and Scottish ancestry. This heritage has deepened Taylor’s spirit and her ability to connect with a global audience.

Taylor has danced and choreographed professionally for a variety of live shows, television programs, music videos, and movies. “I was never one to settle for sounding like everyone else,” she explains, “I’ve always challenged myself to be the best with my vocals so they would stand out in a positive way. I am living out my wildest dream at the ripe age of 25, and I am loving it.”

Taylor’s dreams are not limited to herself. She consistently shares her deeply felt intentions to make contributions. “I would like to give back to the performing arts and dance departments in local schools, pre-school through high school, because if it wasn’t for those programs I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

Her high-profile presence as singer and dancer in The Gratitude Project marks an exhilarating leap in Breana Taylor’s career.



Uniquee, 18, connected with music at the age of four when she heard a song on the radio. Her self-training began almost immediately by singing in her home, located in the East Bay near San Francisco. She discovered that, “Singing makes me feel free, like there are no worries in the world. Singing also makes me at peace with myself. Home was the best place to do this and to perfect it.”

By the time she was 17, she had already recorded and released two albums. “The teachers/musicians that inspired me most,” she recalls, “… are Michael Jackson, Kirk Franklin, and Alicia Keys. I always admired their style and vision for music.”

Suffering health challenges and family tragedies at a very young age, yet nurtured by her family and faith, Uniquee’s character has been tempered into that of a loving, giving, and caring artist whose fundamental motivation is to give back and expresses her love of life not just with her music, but in every way she can. She actively mentors students in her community, giving them guidance, support and inspiration. “My goal is to impact and encourage each individual that education is important and that the sky is never the limit.”

Uniquee is currently attending college, advancing her study of music and voice. Music continues to uphold and nurture her. “I find peace, healing and strength through writing music so that I and my listeners can be delivered, healed and set free from the pain of their past.”

Ronny Mills

Ronny Mills

Minister Ronny Mills is a gifted and accomplished musician, singer, songwriter and author. His innovative style has distinguished him as a recognized talent in the music ministry. Having demonstrated his musical abilities at a young age and as the son of parents who instilled both family values and the importance of living a Christ-centered life, it is only natural that gospel music would become his calling. Ronny’s music projects include Well Done, Gospel on the Move, Songs of Inspiration, The Minstrel’s Pen, and From the Mind of the Minstrel. His book projects include Transitioning from a Place of Obscurity to a Life of Purpose and How to Embrace the Alone Place.

His music has touched the lives of many people both here and abroad, including those in Uganda, Ireland, England, India, South Africa and the Philippines. And, he has had the pleasure of performing with some of gospel’s greatest singers: Walter Hawkins, Edwin Hawkins, Dr. Bobby Jones, Luther Barnes, Dorothy Morrison (lead singer of Edwin Hawkins’ “Oh Happy Day”), Twinkie Clark of the famed Clark Sisters, Vickie Winans, and the Mississippi Mass Choir.

Minister Mills feels that we are at a time when people want something that’s real and this is what he accomplishes with his music. He works with talented musicians and engineers to create sounds that not only entertain but fill listeners with peace and inspiration. His goal is for you to feel the genuine Love that he shares with all.

Minister Mills lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Phyllis. They are the proud parents of three sons.

Osiris Wildfire

Osiris Wildfire

From the City of Brotherly Love comes a very talented individual. Osiris Wildfire is a singer, rapper and song writer who uses the guitar as his instrument of choice. He has also participated in sponsorship programs and has written jingles for TV and streaming video projects. From Philadelphia to his favorite music camp in Spain, you’ll find this craftsman perfecting his art. Osiris creates music that encourages and supports the positive changes that humans can make in nurturing Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

The lyrics of his song “North Philly” state that regardless of the poverty of the people in the neighborhood, these folks walk with their heads up “thinking in the positive.” Being a health conscious individual, Osiris’ lyrics also promote eating properly to stay spiritually and physically strong. His diversified song writing skills have made him one of TIBC's “go to” people for co-songwriting materials. What really drives Osiris? To be a positive and inspirational being at a high level of consciousness and to share this with all through his music.