Gratitude CD/DVD

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Positive • Inspirational • Lyrical

TIBC’s Gratitude: Dedicated to Katherine Jackson CD/DVD is a musical compilation by established and emerging artists, expressing their creative appreciation for one of the recording industry’s most incredible performers, Michael Jackson. Michael, the “King of Pop,” inspired the world with his music, dance, creativity and humanitarian efforts. And with this CD/DVD box set, TIBC honors Michael with its own original music, dance and creativity, and his mother, Mrs. Katherine Jackson, to whom the CD/DVD is dedicated.

The CD/DVD box set contains 12 original songs and a bonus acoustic track, plus music videos for each song. To listen to and download the songs and order the CD/DVD, please visit our Store.

Gratitude CD/DVDTIBC released Gratitude: Dedicated to Katherine Jackson in August 2012 at “Goin’ Back to Indiana: Can You Feel It,” three days of events honoring Michael Jackson in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. These events were officially sanctioned by Mrs. Katherine Jackson and the City of Gary.

TIBC’s emerging recording artist Jordan Sumner dedicated his song “Dear Michael” to Mrs. Jackson at the Candlelight Tribute Ceremony in front of the Jackson Family home. Jordan was joined by the Gratitude Project’s Breana Taylor, Jessica Coker, and the Hartfield Brothers, plus Carla Service and her Dance-A-Vision dancers, for their other performances at the Majestic Hotel Reception & Dinner, US Steel Yard Ballpark and Westside Theater.

And the ultimate goal of Gratitude: Dedicated to Katherine Jackson? To spread gratitude and joy, great talent and spirit, around the world. As Michael Jackson said, “A star can never die. It just turns into a smile and melts back into the cosmic music, the dance of life.”